Aesthetics is the core of Steve Jobs’ business approach

Apple’s success is based on the capacity of perceiving the latent needs of the market and delivering original innovative solutions.

We hope you made the effort to learn from Steve Jobs about Apple’s fundamentals as we proposed.

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We consider that the core fundamental of Apple is aesthetics. But aesthetics is not beauty. It goes beyond.

Apple products are aesthetic because they complete the needs of their prospect clients, they are desirable and harmonic. They also include inaccessible aspects that basically deal with innovative technology.

It can be said that the integration of an innovative technology with the fulfillment of latent needs are the core fundamentals that drive Apple’s business.

Steve Jobs is a doer himself

“Doers make things happen. Therefore, more than ever before, it is time for doers in the world.”

Doers are very special individuals. They are basically individuals whose fulfillment is based on doing transcendent things. They need to achieve what they have decided to do. When things cannot be done the easy way, they find the necessary path to make things happen.

“The world is built by doers and enjoyed by followers”. The joy of doers is in the deed itself.

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