Approach for Systematic Organizational Speed Increase

The following excerpt is from the Unicist Engineering Blog post titled “Unicist Innovations in Business Architecture” by Diego Belohlavek.

The innovation of the unicist approach changed the paradigms of business architecture upgrading the conceptual design and the process design in business. It provided business objects to integrate in business processes in order to save energy and optimize the results.

The understanding of the different type of objects allows building adaptive processes that are driven by their fundamentals and use objects to accelerate their speed of action. The following description will give the basics of the innovation.

The Unicist Approach to Business-The Power of Simplicity

The Unicist Approach to Business-The Power of Simplicity

The activities of the Unicist Confederation are expanding based on the introduction of the unicist ontology and business objects driven technologies.

The Object Driven Organization of the adaptive aspects of businesses is the technology included in all the “solutions” for business optimization.

The Confederation itself also uses business objects for its growth. These objects ensure the critical mass of the solutions it provides to the market. Business solutions require the use of driving, catalyzing and gravitational business objects.

The Unicist Approach-The Power of Simplicity

The Unicist Approach-The Power of Simplicity

1) The business objects are the drivers of the activity providing the solutions that generate significant energy savings and optimization of results to their users.

2) The unicist approach, including diagnoses, strategies and architectures of the solutions is the catalyst of the Confederation’s proposals.

3) The emulation of nature in business is the gravitational object that sustains the activities of the Confederation.

This approach segments the market. Basically, it can be said that the object driven approach is necessary for business expansion and convenient for business administration.

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