Benefit from the Unicist Diagnostic Standard

It is self-evident that a physician would never treat without a diagnosis.  Why is business different?  Clearly a secure diagnosis would save energy and provide better results. It is suggested that the Unicist Diagnostic Standard be considered for any business activities.

The following excerpt is from the Unicist book titled Unicist R&D of Adaptive Systems in Business by Peter Belohlavek.

The process to develop a unicist diagnosis is the following:

The Unicist Ontogenetic Map of Unicist Diagnostics

The Unicist Ontogenetic Map of Unicist Diagnostics

1. Define the hypothetical solution that has to be achieved.

A. Describe the cure to be used to make the hypothetical solution happen.

B. Describe the palliatives that will be used to develop the hypothetical solution and the cure.

C. Define the functionality improvement that has to be achieved.

2. Describe the actual unified field.

3. Define the fundamental diagnosis using ontogenetic maps.

4. Define and implement the destructive tests for the fundamental diagnosis.

5. Define the expansion of the unified field that can be achieved.

6. Define the symptomatic diagnosis that needs to be developed.

7. Define and develop the sign based diagnosis within the limits of the symptomatic diagnosis.

8. Validate the sign based diagnosis using preexisting standards.

9. Define the symptomatic diagnosis confirming the compatibility with the fundamental diagnosis.

10. Develop the necessary destructive and non destructive pilot tests.

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