Businesses improvement: Working today better than Yesterday

Evolution implies assuming the responsibility of a personal improvement.

The maximal strategy of a learning process is given by the need of improvement. The existence of a driver and the real need for improvement provides the will the individual “uses” as a catalyst in order to face and solve the problems of his/her learning process.

The nature of personal improvementThe learning process occurs when an individual considers that s/he is responsible to add value, has the will to assume the consequences of this responsibility and at the same time is “starving” for having the capacity to be able to do so.

Learning processes may begin once individuals feel the need to improve. An “extreme” need to improve is basic for any learning process. Hunger means “starving” and implies having the need to overcome the feeling of extreme scarcity.

All those who have the real need, feel responsible and have the will to improve will succeed.

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