Change Management: Introducing EMR as Adaptive Systems

Unicist Change StrategyIntroducing EMR as adaptive systems is a change that includes all the aspects of a structural change. The Unicist Object Driven Change management technology allows introducing changes while minimizing costs and conflicts.

Changes are integrated by aspects that imply small changes, big changes and medium changes.

Small changes are the conjunctural adaptations of individuals, medium changes are the changes within the existing structure of an activity and big changes imply the modification of the structure of a reality.

Small changes do not need to be managed, they will happen naturally. Medium changes need to be participative in order to work.

Changes need to be managed. Big changes are necessary to drive towards a more expansive activity.
Big changes cannot be participative. That is why it has to be considered that the human being is naturally reluctant to big changes.

Big changes are only possible when they are needed. But big changes can be divided into medium changes and thus they can be introduced in a participative way.

Dealing with change management technologies allows taking advantage of the need of changes.

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