Conversion of Administrative EMR into Adaptive EMR

unicist interface designTransforming administrative EMR systems into adaptive EMR systems is possible if adequate interfaces are implemented to integrate their use following the ontology of medical practice and the aesthetics of the activity.

Adaptive systems require being used to achieve results and dealing with the feedback from reality in order to make it possible.

The integration of administrative systems using interactive adaptive interfaces allows giving administrative systems adaptive functions.

There are several examples of paradigmatic adaptive interfaces. Two of them will illustrate this approach: Windows and the I-phone.

The conversion of administrative systems into adaptive systems requires developing interfaces that need to integrate both the ontological logic of the processes included in order to allow an intuitive approach to the operation and the aesthetics in order to make the use of the system desirable.

The first interface to convert administrative systems into results driven adaptive systems was developed in 1985.

The intuitive use of interfaces of IT systems implies that they are designed following their natural functionality and the aesthetics of their category.

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