Do diagnosticians like Dr. House exist in real life?

Diagnosing is the core of curing. The diagnosis is the first point of maximum risk that is faced by any health professional.

When a doctor fails to perceive what is wrong with the patient he will restrict himself to do what a computer does, process information and data provided by the patient or the tests. With this he can arrive, with a lot of knowledge, to a symptomatic diagnosis but not to a diagnosis of the patient.

The nature of diagnosticsThe research on what is necessary to make accurate diagnoses was developed during a 10-year period at The Unicist Research Institute, including a group of doctors accepted as eminences. This research led to a reassessment of the weight that the Hippocratic Oath has on the doctor’s attitude when the time comes to diagnose.

The result of the research was that all the medical eminences, besides their capability, have a different attitude to common man with respect to their patient. They really care for him, they manage to “introject” what is wrong with him and they do not work only on an external physical element that has life. They have it so deeply incorporated that they do it naturally and instantaneously.

The difference is noticed in the quality of the diagnosis and obviously in all the subsequent stages.

Do you consider Dr. House belongs to this group of Physicians?

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