Indignation: a natural feeling for high-potential physicians

A unicist ontological research on the prices physicians have to pay to become professors,  made with “eminencies in cardiology”, demonstrated that indignation was a natural price to be paid.

prices paid by physicians1The core characteristic of high-potential physicians is their need to preach by example. This attitude is driven by their professional and personal dignity.

Thus, they feel abused when they become part of a “massive” environment where the materialistic and subjective needs prevail in everyday action.

Their need to preach by example is taken by others as an opportunity to avoid assuming responsibilities, hiding behind this preaching by example and the shared fallacies of their activity.

The research showed that the difference between high-potential physicians and professors is that the latter accept the difference of their role from other’s and therefore feel no indignation when their activity is disregarded in an environment.

They consider that most of the systems in medical practice have been designed to sustain people who naturally do not preach by example. When they are young, they feel indignation, when they become mature, they consider this natural and necessary.

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