Japanese Park: The Starting Point of the Unicist Approach

The following excerpt is a repost of the Unicist Blog.

The Japanese Park is a technology to define the starting point of any personal or  organizational process. The name Japanese Park has been adopted honoring the Japanese ancient tradition that was used to define how to build a park.

Unicist Ontogenetic Map of the Japanesse Park

Unicist Ontogenetic Map of the Japanesse Park

The basic information that is needed to move from one place to another is the coordinates of the destiny and of the starting point. The knowledge of this information allows defining if the “journey” is possible.

The unicist approach to business defines the objective to be achieved and the starting point in an independent way before matching them to diagnose if the business process is possible.

The Japanese Park technology is used to define the starting point of a new work process.

The design of a new work process, using the unicist approach, implies establishing the basic context to make the work process happen spontaneously.

It consists in launching the process without defining how to do it and letting people do the work in their natural way.

What is being evaluated in a Japanese Park is:

  1. How people organize the “journey”.
  2. What is the added value people spontaneously provide and to whom.
  3. How people do their work.

A sound knowledge of the business and the knowledge of its ontogenetic map are necessary to interpret the output of a Japanese Park to begin with the business process design.

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