Outsourcing and Insourcing: two stages in business

Outsourcing in natureWhen living beings expand, “outsourcing” is a natural way to do so. The wind pollinates flowers, plants generate humus, and the entire ecological system is based on interdependence.
Interdependence implies outsourcing and outsourcing implies interdependence.
But when there is extreme scarcity and living beings resort to individualistic behaviors to survive, like bacteria, insourcing is the only possible way. They must be absolutely independent because they cannot count on resources of the environment.
Outsourcing is self-evident in nature. As said before, pollination is an example of interdependence.
Pollination, a strategic matter for species’ survival, is subject to outsourcing.
But nature switches to insourcing in situations of extreme scarcity.
The same thing happens to adequately managed organizations. They outsource for expansion, and insource all what they need for survival.
Understanding the “natural organization” implies considering what and when something is subject to be outsourced and when the same matter should be insourced.
The answer is given by the need of independence or interdependence. When an organization expands, interdependence is its natural environment and outsourcing is its natural model.
But when the life of an organization is endangered, independence is an extreme natural behavior. When seeking independence no outsourcing is possible. Then insourcing is a natural behavior.

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