Research Project Life Sciences “Alpha” – Cyberstation for Physicians

The objective of the Research is to design a “Cyberstation”, which has to be a reliable and secure healthcare facility based on the computer of Physicians. The output is a validated prototype of a Cyberstation.

The research will use unicist healthcare cybernetic technologies for physicians to design the next step solutions for patients, increasing the added value to all participants (increasing benefits/reducing costs).

The Unicist Standard that is used as the input for the research is ontology based considering that life sciences belong to the field of complexity.

The prototype will be available within 12 months from the beginning of the research.

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Healthcare Cybernetics

Weston has chosen the Unicist Object Driven Technologies to deal with the continuous improvement of the healthcare business.
The Weston Group is pleased to provide access to technologies to manage the healthcare business based on objects.
In the Library included in this blog you will find the access to the necessary knowledge objects.

The Weston Group – Healthcare Cybernetics Resources

The following are several different cybernetic approaches which should be considered.
Unicist Abstracts on Discoveries in Complexity Sciences for Healthcare Cybernetics