The breakthrough of the Unicist Standard: Free access video

The breakthrough of the Unicist Standard was presented in a series of micro-clinics for businessmen/women. The Unicist Standard implies a new paradigm to deal with businesses based on the fact that institutions are adaptive systems that interact with the environment and not mechanical cause-effect systems as the systemic approach proposes.

Unicist StandardThe clinic on the Unicist Standard produced a harsh discussion with the participants because, as one of them said: “when I thought I had all the answers, someone changed the questions”.

In this clinic Peter Belohlavek has given a brief introduction to the scope of the Unicist Standard applied to adaptive system’s research and its applications to individual, institutional and social evolution.

The Unicist Standard has made the research, diagnosis and prognosis of adaptive systems possible.  With the research on the nature of human adaptive systems, such as social communities, businesses, institutions, marketing actions, the Unicist Standard has been set, saving more than 30% of the energy consumed in processes. These energy savings make the building of business catalysts possible.

Today the live recorded video of yesterday’s micro-clinic on the Unicist Standard has been published at The Unicist Research Institute’s website.

Access the video:

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