The Integration of the EMR and the EHR with medical practice

The Integration of the EMR and the EHR with medical practice is a complex problem. The integration System-Physician is a typical adaptive system which naturally behaves ambiguously.

Unicist ontology of ambiguityAmbiguity is a human perception. It exists only in the mind of the perceiver. Following the original etymological meaning of the word it is a perception that has two meanings for the individual. The question is why, when and how to deal with ambiguous perceptions.

Reality appears ambiguous when a person tries to apprehend the nature of an adaptive system, having the sound knowledge and experience in the field. Without having the knowledge reality appears uncertain.

But there are taxonomic steps to deal with ambiguity:

1)  Define the added value to be produced for the adaptive system.
2)  Approach the fact of the functionality of the double meaning to understand the system.
3)  Find in the experience the homologous experiences in order to be able to apprehend the nature of the system.
4)  Integrate the fundamentals of the adaptive system defining the unified field of the system.
5)  Define the double meanings and their functionality and segments in order to deal with them.
6)  Understand the rational intrinsic logic implicit in the double meaning.
7)  Define the adaptive system based on an intuitive approach using the projections you have.
8)  Use the dualistic thinking to analyze the perception and find a cause-effect functionality in the system.
9)  Define the different rational elements of the system that need to be influenced using cause-effect rules.

The design of the IT-Physician integration allows developing the adequate interfaces to transform adaptive systems into systemic-operational systems.

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