The Nature of Continuous Improvement

The purpose of continuous improvement is to increase effectiveness. Continuous improvement is a must in healthcare organizations. The evolution of life-sciences and the need of the patients are the drivers of continuous improvement.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement integrates innovation to improve the processes and objects that are being used to implement medium and /or big changes, using quality assurance, the client centered management model and the personalized organization model to ensure the achievement of a higher level of effectiveness.
Maximal strategies are driven by innovation. They are put into action by the implementation of big changes that go beyond the existing boundaries of the present operation and are sustained by the external need represented by the client centered management.
Minimum strategies are driven by quality assurance, put into action by the development and implementation of medium changes and sustained by the personalized organization that ensures an effective participative action model.
The segments of continuous improvement are:

1)    Repair
2)    Update
3)    Upgrade
4)    Renewal

Effectiveness is measured in objective terms. Therefore continuous improvement can be considered as an internal business unit in a large Clinic or Hospital. Continuous improvement is not a cost center of an organization is a business that has internal clients.

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