Unicist Object Driven Organization: Upgrading Human Quality

The use of Unicist Business Objects is only possible for those who are willing to assume the full responsibility for producing results.

All those who do not need or want to assume full responsibility for results feel endangered by using objects because they “substitute” them in their minds. Although this is objectively false, people who just consider their responsibility for being a “mean” in a process, need to avoid the use of objects.

This can be done using an infinite variety of “tricks”: denial, modification, destruction, criticism,” yes, but”, etc.

The use of Unicist Business Objects transforms their users in the “Generals” of their activity, using the objects as their “Soldiers”.

The use of objects is extremely powerful, cheap and effective if an individual needs to produce results. It transforms businesses in simple effective processes driven by objects.

This is what the Unicist Standard is about.

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