Unicist Standard: Ambiguous language is basic for development of Operational and Functional Objects


A dialogue is a communication that is necessary to deal with evolution, democracy, business, cooperation and rationality. It uses ambiguous language…

and for development of operational and functional objects.

A dialogue is an inter-communication between two or multiple individuals that share a concept to generate value for them or others.

Dialoguing requires ambiguous messages and Monologuing is based on operational messages. This sounds paradoxical for the majority of the people. Dialogues drive towards evolution and Monologues drive towards involution.

The purpose of a dialogue is the generation of value which means that after it has finished an additional value has been produced.

In a dialogue all the participants are diverse in their approach to reality but share the same concept that implies having the same purpose. Their understanding of the concept differs based on the nature of ambiguity.

Their messages need to be ambiguous in order to allow them to generate a common operational action to produce added value.

When a concept can not be apprehended or shared there is no possibility to dialogue. The communication without sharing a concept becomes automatically a bilateral or multilateral monologue.

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