Unicist Thinking is driven by fundamentals

There is a huge difference between action and movement. Action implies functional movements to achieve results. But movements are not necessarily functional. Actions must follow the synchronicity of the actual reality.

That is why individuals need to have a final picture of what has to be achieved in their “long term” memory in order to be able to follow the timing of reality.

This final picture is defined by the fundamentals of what is being achieved. Therefore individuals who do not have the final picture (the fundamentals) cannot assume the responsibility for producing results. Their commitment is with the task and the movements they make become an end in themselves.

Knowing the structure of the fundamentals involved in an objective is what makes action possible.

The apprehension of fundamentals requires assuming the responsibility for results, investing the necessary energy to learn and focusing on the solution. That is why military say “hard training, easy combat”.

“A journalist mentioned that a certain basketball player was extremely lucky in the last match.
The basketball player answered:
Yes, you are right I was very lucky; the more I train the luckier I am.”

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Peter Belohlavek