Adaptive Systems Solutions: Defensive EMR vs. Proactive EMR

EMR is a paradigmatic adaptive system that was usually approached as an administrative system, provoking the resistance of all those who wanted to use it to generate added value.

unicist-adaptive-systemThis situation transformed most of the EMRs into defensive systems.

Adaptive Systems need to be designed following the nature of evolution to produce results.

This implies that the first step to produce results requires dealing with the adaptive subsystem and then approaching the limits established by the administrative subsystem.

In this case, the system can evolve, produce the planned results and, if possible, improve them (1-2-3).

But when an adaptive system is approached starting with the energy conservation function (A-B), administration becomes an end in itself and the system degrades.

An EMR is only functional when the adaptive aspects prevail over the administrative function. This makes it proactive.

But it has to be considered that the integration of both is what ensures its functionality.

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