Month: September 2011

Global Expansion of the Unicist Confederation

September 23, the 35th equinox of The Unicist Research Institute, was chosen to be the day for the launching of the new stage which consists of the worldwide multiplication of the Unicist Confederation.

Healthcare business: Unicist Virtual Selling Platform

High value, ethical or innovative prAdd an Imageoducts and services can now be sold using “Unicist 3D emulators” that allow prospects to participate actively, be able to truly experience a commercial proposal and make a pre-decision.

Thinking Robotics for the Healthcare System

Robotics uses a system that allows introducing information of reality, introducing conceptual operational structures to modify the knowledge the system has, making decisions and dealing with the feedback from reality.

Making healthcare businesses grow

Businesses are typical adaptive systems. Businesses need to adapt to the environment in order to achieve the permanence of their transcendent goals and the personal goals of their participants.