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The Unicist Technology Transfer Programs are based on Unicist Business Residencies  in which complex problems of the client are being solved while participants learn to manage the Unicist Standard to approach them. The Blue Eagle X-pert System provides the necessary Quality Assurance for the diagnoses and strategies.

What are Unicist Business Residencies?
Unicist Blue Eagle X-pert SystemUnicist in Company Business Residencies are unicist object driven technology transfer programs for the participants.
The technology transfer programs are sustained by counselors using the Unicist Personalized Education Technology. The Blue Eagle X-pert System is used to monitor the participant’s diagnostics while the counselor’s responsibility is to sustain the efficiency and efficacy of the technology transfer and the learning process. The Unicist Corporate University uses the technologies provided by The Unicist Research Institute (TURI), the major research organization in the world in complexity sciences applied to the evolution of adaptive systems.

What is the Unicist Standard?
This is a major change in the business world allowing people to deal with the nature of businesses in order to develop strategies to add value and profit from it. The use of objects to develop processes allows saving more than 30% of energy. In the Unicist Standard Search Engines you will find the Unicist Knowledge Objects you need to develop Unicist Objects for your activity. This is the most powerful Business Knowledge Objects Bank available in the world. It is based on the largest research work in complexity science applied to evolution. More than 3,000 researches were developed from 1976 until November 2009. The reposition cost of these researches exceeds 50 million dollars.
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Business Residences work as Medical Residencies
Unicist Business Residences are analogous to medical residencies. Dealing with business strategies, diagnoses, scenarios and action plans in business cannot be solved with case studies. Case studies are autopsies, that are necessary to learn the “language”, but only “live” cases can be the basis for approaching strategies, diagnostics and scenario building. Unicist technologies manage reality based on its nature. Therefore, only “live patients” and real cases with personal involvement make the learning of unicist object driven technologies possible.
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Main Characteristics
• Individual Technology Transfer Program for the Participants
• Real problems solutions
• Access to 12 elective modules on the Unicist Standard in Business Strategy
• Strategic Diagnosis of your client’s business
• Live counseling every fortnight
• Permanent off-line counseling
• Duration: 9 months

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