About Anti-Strategies

This post is excerpted from the book Unicist Business Architecture by
Peter Belohlavek.

Anti-strategies are driven by justified actions and the exertion of power in order to avoid assuming the responsibility for strategy building.

Anti-strategies are the antimatter of strategies.  They are developed by individuals who need to destroy themselves or the organization or institution they are port of.  Anti-strategies are installed by business hackers who cannot accept the responsibility for the activity they are apparently developing.

Unicist Ontogenetic Map of Anti-Strategies

Unicist Ontogenetic Map of Anti-Strategies

They are frequent in involving cultural or organizational environments. Paradoxically, they “die” in the process while they “kill” all those who are involved in the process.

At a personal level, individuals who cannot envision the future of the activity they are doing cannot assume the responsibility for having a conscious approach to it. They need to install anti-strategies in order to feel no guilt for their lack of responsibility.