Dealing with Objects in Adaptive Systems for Healthcare

Unicist Business Objects are adaptive systems designed to produce predefined results.

unicist objectBy object, we describe an entity, which carries an implicit extrinsic concept that adds value, and has its own quality assurance imbricated in the object itself.

It can be physical or virtual, simultaneously or successively reusable.

It is essential to the definition of the conceptual object its possibility of being reused within either the class it acts on or any other class.

Consequences of this definition:
– An object is an object only if it is reusable.
– There is only an object if it has a quality assurance in itself.
– Every object is designed to belong to one or several classes.
– Physical objects are successively reusable.
– Virtual objects are successively and simultaneously reusable.

The Object Driven Organization is essential to install adaptive systems in institutions.

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