Upgrading administrative systems into adaptive systems

Administrative systems need to be rigid to provide efficiency and control. But the administrative approach doesn’t suffice when dealing with EMR. An expansion of the adaptive possibilities of the EMR is necessary.

unicist adaptive upgradeThe expansion of the technological possibilities opened the doors for the next step of EMR. But in the meantime these possibilities can be widened using “smart interfaces”.

Interfaces are the tangible aspects of the Information Technology for users. Thus the development of smart interfaces allows generating alternative solutions that allow dealing with administrative systems as if they were adaptive.

The design of these interfaces allows expanding the possibilities far beyond what can be imagined. Interfaces are usually related to the “look & feel” and the interaction with the user.

The Unicist Extreme Design technology for interfaces allows relating these interfaces with the widening of the possibilities of a system while satisfying the needs of interaction and aesthetics.

To develop smart interfaces the understanding of the taxonomy of the objective and subjective processes involved is necessary.

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