Use the Unicist Standard in Healthcare Businesses

Unicist Standard to manage the nature of BusinessesThe R&D e-book on the “Unicist Standard to manage the nature of businesses” by Peter Belohlavek has been presented and is available through the Weston University.

The Unicist Standard (US) to manage the nature of businesses has been developed for diagnosing, strategy building, conceptual design and conceptual planning. The final objective of the US is to develop objects that are necessary to drive and catalyze processes.

Healthcare cybernetics is essentially an “adaptive system” because it has to deal with medical practice, research practice and their management. Therefore it needs to be managed as a complex problem that has to be transformed into simple solutions.

Nature is organized by objects. The Unicist Standard is an emulation of the organization of nature. Dealing with the nature of businesses implies necessarily managing a fundamental approach and a technical analytical approach.

The US provides taxonomic methods to approach businesses integrating the fundamental and technical analytical approaches.

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