Use the Unicist Standard Language for Outsourcing Design

Unicist Standard LanguageThe Unicist Standard Language will be extremely helpful to design the outsourcing process and its interfaces with the internal processes. The use of business objects is basic for this purpose.

There is no doubt that developing object-driven organizations is a complex problem.

The subtleness of the difference between real and fallacious solutions forces a careful approach to business design.

Strategy and design of businesses define their success. An adequate strategy and a consistent design ensure businesses.

This complexity can be approached in two different ways:

1)    Dividing such complexity into its simple components.
2)    Managing complexity in its oneness.

When dividing a complex problem into its components it is necessary to be aware that the sum of the components won’t necessarily deliver the added value of the unity.

But this is a price to be paid in order to manage complex problems when they cannot be influenced in their unity.

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